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yourself by putting your life in the

best possible hands…


It is my intention, mission and purpose to help you do all of the above, and in so doing support you in creating the life you want and deserve.  I can work alongside you as an:

  • E-MOTION Coach
  • E-MOTION Trainer and/or
  • E-MOTION Balancer

When I say E-MOTION I’m referring to Energy in MOTION.  I believe that our capacity to understand, embrace and manage our E-MOTION is central to our ability to enjoy a joyous, balanced and creative life.  And isn’t that what we all ultimately want?

Einstein (the E=mc² guy) explained that ultimately energy is all there is!  Traditional Chinese Medicine has been demonstrating for generations that when our energy is balanced and flowing then so are we!  We quite naturally THINK STRAIGHT and FEEL GREAT when we are balanced and it is no effort to MOTIVATE ourselves when we are in the flow.  Quite simply then AKUTAQ is in the business of:


and helps you to


For most of us, most of the time it is simply STRESS in our minds and bodies which interrupt our balance and flow and cause us to experience uncomfortable and unwelcome EMOTIONS which stop us from thinking straight, feeling great and being motivated.  Whether your stress is rooted in the past, the present or the future…whether it is physical, psychological, or biochemical…the harsh reality is that if stress is not acknowledged, addressed, and alleviated effectively then…


Stress can lead to Distress

Distress can lead to Disruption

Disruption can lead to Disease


Be in no doubt – your body talks!  It whispers through intuition, it speaks through emotions, it shouts through symptoms and it screams through disease.

DIS-EASE…the clue is in the word!

AKUTAQ invites you into a creative dialogue with your own Self.  With your blessing – and only with your blessing – we could deepen this dialogue beyond simply talk-based sessions which engage only the conscious mind.  By integrating the use of EFT and/or Touch for Health techniques we can invite your whole being to the party.  These energy-based bodywork techniques are as powerful and effective as they are simple and natural.  Why not learn how you can use your own hands to impact on the health and wellbeing of yourself and your loved ones?Woman with Poppies



Remember, if you ever need a helping hand, its at the end of your arm.

Audrey Hepburn






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