About Pam

me   Hi there!

My name is Pam Daniels.  I’m trained, qualified, and experienced in the delivery of Life Coaching, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Touch for Health synthesis.  These skills are additional to my talk-therapy background in relationship counselling.  This puts me in the happy position of being able to offer you a range of professional services rolled into one.  In the interests of brevity I call myself  The E-motion Coach because of my focus on the motion of energy and the troublesome emotions which can arise when our energy flow is in any way blocked or obstructed. What I am NOT is a medical professional.  I do not diagnose, treat or prescribe.  I certainly don’t make any claims to cure medical conditions.  Any improvements in your health and wellbeing which arise from your use of my services relate solely to your body’s natural capacity to heal itself.

I DO seek to facilitate your body in restoring its natural balance and flow.  It is my focus on the latticework of energy systems which surround and penetrate the human body which sets me apart from many in the coaching profession.

I live a joyous and simple life that is truly perfect…for ME!  I get my buzz from helping others reach a place where they can authentically say the same about themselves as they grow into a life consciously chosen and lived on their purpose.

As I’ve worked towards understanding and mastering myself, it has taken me many years of study and support to move from judgement to joy, from punishment to pleasure, and from longing to laughter.  You, of course, have an advantage I didn’t have! You have the option to…

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