Here are some examples of positive comments which my former clients, colleagues and trainees have been kind enough to allow me to share with you:

“Pam Daniels is supremely talented in facilitating change in another.  Since working with her my life is great!  I have a new boyfriend.  I’ve joined a gym, and I love myself more than ever before!”

(Cate MacKenzie – London – Life Coaching client and thriving Love Coach)

“I don’t know how I’d have managed without you and the tapping!  If you could tap as well with your feet you’d be on the stage!” 

(Josephine Hatfield – Cleveland – EFT client who builds EFT into her life to help her manage her health challenges)

“Pam got shot of my lifelong craving for cheese in a matter of minutes – a great boost to my efforts to lose weight.  Amazing!”

(Matthew Batten – Yorkshire – EFT client no longer at the mercy of his cheese cravings)

“The whole Life Coaching experience was just great!  I understand myself so much better!”

(Leo Davies – Cheshire – Life Coaching client who has since achieved his goal of becoming a pilot)

“Excellent workshops!  Pam showed a great deal of empathy with all the women in the groups.  I’ve not had workshops end in a round of applause before!  When I asked the group who they’d like to invite back they were unanimous – Pam was top of everyone’s list”

(Lifelong Learning Manager – Vale Royal BC – Bespoke Workshop client)

“I was dreading my shift because I had a thick horrible headache.  Pam talked me through one of her Touch for Health techniques and it went in an instant!  It didn’t return for the entire shift!  I was absolutely amazed!”

(NP – Work Colleague)

“Before EFT I was unhappy most of the time.  Now life feels like it’s full of possibilities!  Who would have thought such a simple procedure could have such an amazing effect.  Thank you so much – you’ve changed my life!”

(Rachael Jackson – Wrexham – EFT client)

“I found the Life Coaching experience to be of tremendous value.  I also found Pam’s calm and reassuring approach to coaching very refreshing.  In addition to being helpful the experience was also very enjoyable.  Pam helped me to gain insight and clarity and to shape a more balanced, rewarding and fulfilling future.  Life Coaching is not ‘soft’ and ‘fluffy’ – it’s about taking action and being ready and willing to change and grow as a person.  Pam is an excellent life coach, with a wonderful, uplifting, warm and supportive coaching style.  Her unique blend of skills make for a remarkable experience – she’s a gift to the profession.  I felt truly listened to and for the first time ever began to understand who I am!  The future looks much brighter thanks to Pam’s wonderful skills”     

(Jacinta Carney – Cheshire – Life Coaching client)

“I’ve had pain in my shoulder when I stretch for so long I failed to even mention it to Pam when she did her assessment before doing a Touch for Health balance on me.  I was amazed that for some considerable time after the balance I was completely pain free!  If the physiotherapy I’m having doesn’t do the trick I’ll be going back to her – whatever it is that she did, it’s the only thing to have brought me any relief so far!”

(Mark – Cheshire – Volunteered for a practice balance when I was training in Touch for Health)

“Deciding to be coached by you was one of the best decisions I ever made.  I always felt like I mattered to you – and that in turn helped me to matter more to myself.  THANK YOU!  I’m so grateful for all the support and the positive difference you’ve made to my life!”     

(Lynn – Shropshire – EFT/Life Coaching client)

“…I wanted to say that after seeing you I had no problems with flying…”

(Mary B – Cheshire – EFT client no longer anxious about air travel)

“I was absolutely terrified of spiders – just the sight of them made me feel like vomiting!  Within an hour Pam had me touching a tank with a tarantula inside!  I still don’t LIKE spiders but I no longer freak out at the sight of them…the change was so dramatic…it’s been really life-changing.” 

(Karen Kevan – Runcorn – EFT client no longer blighted by her spider phobia)  

“Pam helped me to walk away from 20 years of unfulfilling factory work.  I’m starting to see myself as she sees me – as an artist and craftsman.  I’ve gone self-employed, have sold 5 paintings and do what I love to do every day now.  She’s an excellent Life Coach!”  

(Steve Farrow – Oswestry – Life Coaching client and now self-employed craftsman)

“Thank you so much for all your help and support.  Everyone should have a Pam in their lives!”

(L.M. – Wrexham – EFT client)

“The most wonderful person I know…Thank you…”

(Martin Burke – Valued companion on my road – and Ex-husband No 1)

“Pam’s read every book, attended every course, watched every DVD and listened to every CD so that you don’t have to…and I’ve paid for most of them…in more ways than one!” 🙂

(Mark Daniels – Valued companion on my road, fabulous father to our three wonderful children – and Ex-husband No 2)






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