Many people believe that they need my services as much as an Eskimo needs ice cream. How right they are!  What they might not yet appreciate is that Eskimos are in no doubt whatsoever about how much they need ice cream!

AKUTAQ (pronounced ‘agooduk’) is the word innuit people use for ice cream.   Literally-speaking ‘akutaq’ means ‘mix them together’.  Their version of ice cream is an unusual mixture of ingredients which, when blended together, create a nutritious and surprisingly palatable concoction.  So it is – metaphorically-speaking – with AKUTAQ Coaching Services!

As an acronym AKUTAQ offers a succinct summary of how I do what I do – by


or if you prefer talk therapy to energy therapy, by


Simple as that – direct, effective and transformative!  A more professional way of describing them might be ‘soul-sized’ questions – the ones we fail to ask ourselves amidst the hubbub of our daily lives, but precisely the ones we really must ask if we are to achieve the balance and clarity which our souls seek.  Only when our soul needs are met does everything else fall into place!

See below for some light-hearted information about AKUTAQ – and a recipe should you feel moved to try it!  If you want to try my version of AKUTAQ remember that you can have an initial half-hour consultation free of charge.  What have you got to lose?

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