Q & A with Pam

I am committed to spreading the word about the concepts and practices of Touch for Health and EFT in line with the declared intentions of the founders of these two modalities – John Thie and Gary Craig.  These men shared a common dream – to help others to help themselves in fostering and maintaining their own wellbeing using safe, simple and effective hands-on techniques.

Woman with Poppies


“Remember – if you need a helping hand it’s at the end of your arm”

Audrey Hepburn



If anything you read on this site leaves you with a general query or a desire to know more then please feel free to contact me using the comments box below and I’ll do my best to answer your query directly, or else signpost you to somebody who can.

PLEASE NOTE:  If your question is more specific and personal to you and your unique situation (i.e. not for the public domain) then please contact me instead using the information on the ‘Contact Pam’ page.  I can then provide a more private, detailed and personal response.


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