Current Prices


All potential clients are offered a FREE half-hour telephone consultation to help us to assess whether we’re right for each other at this time given your unique situation.  If I’m not the right person for you I’ll do my best to signpost you to somebody more suitable!


  • Coaching/EFT Sessions –  £50 per hour  (Available by telephone if required)
  • Touch for Health Balances – £50 per first hour (£20 per subsequent hour/part-hour if more in-depth balance is requested)  It is not possible to predict what imbalances might arise and so not all balances can be completed within an hour.  By the same token it can sometimes be possible to correct a number of imbalances within an hour.
  • Food Sensitivity Panels – £50 per hour
  • Indian Head Massage – £30 per half hour treatment  
  • Indian Head Massage with a Chinese Twist!  – £50 per hour.  Sessions combine standard Indian Head Massage with tutorials EFT or Touch for Health Neurovascular Holding Points for self-care purposes.
  • Touch for Health Synthesis Training (Levels 1-4)    Price includes a textbook and evidence-based workbook (issued on Day 1) and an internationally recognised IKC attendance certificate (issued on completion of each level).   £300 per level with £50 non-refundable deposit to secure your place.  


  • Wellness Workshops
    • For corporate contexts.  These are costed individually and incorporate both EFT for Stress Management and Touch for Health Techniques for Energy Balancing. Larger business are asked to pay in line with industry standards in order to support my community work.
    • For community contexts.  In order to spread the word about the simple but effective stress-relieving energy and body work techniques I use I am happy to deliver talks, presentations and demonstrations at very low cost  in community contexts or even to friendship circles.  Please don’t let your funding restrictions prevent you from getting in touch.
  • Relationship Workshops – costed individually.  Please contact me to discuss your needs..








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