Singly or in combination the following will all help you to THINK STRAIGHT,  FEEL GREAT  and MOTIVATE yourself towards building a better relationship with yourself and others.

  • COACHING – Life and Relationship Coaching.
  • TRAINING – I offer bespoke workshops in Life/Relationship Coaching as well as Touch for Health Synthesis training.  Both can be provided to individuals, community groups,  friendship circles or in corporate settings as required.
  • ONE TO ONE SESSIONS including and where appropriate combining…

    • EFT – a fabulously simple but effective range of techniques to help you to remove any blocks to your progress in creating the life and relationships you want.
    • Touch for Health Balances – Using Touch for Health Synthesis you’ll benefit from direct feedback from your own body about where your energy is blocked or out of balance.  The blocks and imbalances are corrected using simple and safe techniques.
    • Coaching skills – as a fundamental framework
  • WELLNESS WORKSHOPS – fun and informative group sessions in community/corporate or friendship circle settings with the emphasis on reducing stress and supporting wellness.


I can’t bear it myself and wouldn’t inflict it on anyone else – that’s a promise!  If you’d like to know more about any of the above please get in touch using the information on the Contact Pam page.