A BTEC Certified Life Coach, my coaching approach is underpinned by a range of energy-based modalities. Often our conscious and subconscious desires simply don’t align energetically and this accounts for why the use of affirmations and positive thinking alone is simply not enough!  I use muscle monitoring to get direct biofeedback from your own body regarding how aligned you are with your declared and desired goals.  I then use a toolbox of energy balancing techniques to help alleviate any subconscious resistance and bring your conscious and subconscious minds more into alignment with one another.  This will support you in bridging the gap between the life or relationship you have now, and the one you intend to create.  (To get some idea of what this process looks like in practice, check out the clip of John Thie – father of Touch for Health – performing a balance on the Touch for Health Training page – click on the tab above)

“Energy is everything and that’s all there is to it.  Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but match that reality.  This is not Philosophy – this is Physics!”*

*attributed to Albert Einstein (…amongst others!)

I work firmly to a ‘self-responsibility’ model.  Whether you come to me for Coaching, EFT or Energy Balancing (or indeed a combination of all three!) they are all something I do WITH you, not TO you.  YOU are the expert in our working relationship – not me.  I contribute a toolbox of skills which you may not have yet – but if you stay the distance with me you WILL have them before we part company!

Contact me today to make a start on co-creating your new life or healthier relationship!