Energy Balancing

Touch for Health Balances

Touch for Health balances will help you to fully engage and integrate mind, body and spirit in any life changes you are seeking to make.  Working together we will identify where you have energy blockages within your system and apply appropriate corrections to get you BACK IN YOUR FLOW!

To get a vague idea of what a basic Touch for Health balance looks like, click on the Touch for Health Training tab above and watch father of Touch for Health – John Thie – help a woman reduce her unconscious resistance to her declared goal.

Using the same muscle monitoring techniques I can also offer food sensitivity testing to help you identify which foods enhance and which deplete your energy flow.  If you have a food allergy it is almost certain that you already know about it as allergic responses tend to be acute, immediate and often dramatic.  Food sensitivity on the other hand can be more difficult to identify as the response is often more subtle, and often delayed, but nonetheless potentially devastating to your wellbeing over time.

Once you have experienced how impactful Touch for Health can be you may feel inspired to train in Touch for Health yourself.  Levels 1 and 2 alone would equip you to do wonderful balances on your family and friends.  It was John Thie’s dream that one day there would be at least one person in every household who could deliver a balance to the benefit of their loved ones.  I share that dream!

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