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I can design and deliver bespoke workshops to suit your audience in corporate contexts, community settings or even friendship circles.

In particular I deliver Wellness Workshops to spread the word about how effective EFT, Touch for Health and energy/body work in general can be in alleviating the high levels of stress modern life seems to impose on us all.  These can be adapted to precisely meet the needs of your audience

AKUTAQ concerns itself with WELLNESS not ILLNESS – and encourages workshop participants to accept full responsibility for their own wellbeing by giving them tools to put their health in the best possible hands – their own!

I am committed to introducing the concepts and practices of energy balancing to corporate as well as community-based settings as increasingly employers and employees alike are dealing with significant levels of stress in the workplace. In these fun, surprising and informative workshops participants learn how to…


By learning how to neutralise and off-set the daily stresses and strains we all face at work (and indeed at home) you can become adept at boosting, bolstering and balancing your own energy flow. If your energy is flowing well, your body and indeed your life tends to follow suit! By TAPPING, TOUCHING, and TRACING your own body with your own hands, you can head off many stress-related health problems before they get the chance to take a hold and develop into symptoms and sickness. By learning how to listen to and communicate more directly with your own body you can maintain your own wellness, and promote faster healing if you do succumb to periods of ill health.

I also design and deliver bespoke workshops on the subject of relationships.  Trained as a trainer by Relate, these high-value low-cost workshops cluster under the umbrella heading of:-


The Mystery; The Misery; The Mastery and The Magic!

These too can be designed to suit your particular needs and delivered in corporate contexts, to community groups or in friendship circles.

Contact me directly if you’d like me to design and deliver a bespoke workshop to reflect your particular needs as these need to be costed separately.

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