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TOUCH FOR HEALTH is a synthesis of safe and natural self-care techniques which promotes direct communication with your own body. It supports you in building a robust relationship with yourself and in taking responsibility for your health and well-being.  As with all of my services, it empowers you to put your life in the best possible hands…


As a Touch for Health instructor I deliver the Touch for Health Synthesis workshops Levels 1, 2, 3 & 4.  Fun and simple to learn, it is standard practice to spread the synthesis training over a total of just 8 days.  Personally I found this to be a bit intense and so I prefer to offer my students the option to work at a slower and steadier pace.  If you like the fast and furious approach I can signpost you to excellent Touch for Health trainers who work in that way.   If you decide to train with me we can seek out dates which fit in with our shared availability, with your individual circumstances and with your preferred learning pace and adjust our approach accordingly.  I’ll deliver our relaxed and friendly training workshops at home from a small cabin in my garden.  Groups are necessarily small – a maximum of 4 people – or we can even work on a on a one-to-one basis if that is your preference.

The TOUCH FOR HEALTH synthesis can offer you a realistic first step towards a new and exciting career in the burgeoning field of kinesiology if that is what you are seeking. However, there is no pressure to complete the whole synthesis.  Even completing just a couple of the levels would allow you to perform an effective balance on your family and friends.  The syllabus page will help you decide how far you wish to progress.  Take a look then contact me directly so that we can discuss how best to get you up and running!

The Touch for Health syllabus is laid down by the International Kinesiology College and attendance certificates are issued upon successful completion of each level.  The price paid includes all the training materials required for successful completion, and you are issued with your training manual on Day 1.

Whilst Touch for Health stand-alone techniques for pain relief or energy boosting are very helpful on a day to day basis, it is Touch for Health balances which hold the potential to promote profound and lasting change in your life by helping you to become vibrationally aligned with your goals – hence my use of them as part of my coaching approach.  Watch below to see Father of Touch for Health, John Thie, perform a basis 14 muscle balance and align a woman’s conscious desire with her subconscious mind.






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